The Bar of the Agricultural Association

You can also enjoy the Agricultural Association Restaurant Bar
The Bar has been created to give the possibility to taste the famous "Steak Association" at any time. This service has a handy menu where you can grab a quick bite in a relaxed and relaxed space. It is the ideal place to enjoy a good drink and a snack alone or with friends and / or family.

MON 08:00-00:00
TUE 08:00-00:00
WED 08:00-00:00
THU 08:00-00:00
FRI 08:00-00:00
SAT 08:00-00:00
SUN 08:00-00:00

Restaurante da Associação Agrícola de São Miguel
(Rabo de Peixe)
Rabo de Peixe - Bar

Campo Santana Recinto Feira
9600-096 RABO DE PEIXE
( Ribeira Grande )
296 490 001